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Webitor is a content management system designed for anybody from start up web firms through to corporations wishing to provide an extra level of service to their existing customers.

No other CMS provides the same level of sophistication for the technical user, whilst still providing a level of ease like no other. Webitor is a WYSIWYG editor, the visual editing makes it so simple for your clients to edit their pages, they can see how the pages will look as they edit.

All modules are connected in the one simple interface, no longer do your customers have to remember multiple admin addresses for their shopping cart, mailer and website editor.

Webitor is a very powerful Content Management System that is most importantly; easy to use and easy to modify.

Who Benefits from Webitor?

Website Design Companies
Improve margins, manage staff & clients, increase value and range of services.

Web Designers
Offer advanced systems without hiring a programmer or writing code.

Program your own modules using the Webitor API. Integrate with existing systems.

Work smarter & faster with Webitor.

Your Clients
Webitor® will enable your clients to control their whole online presence with no coding and technical knowledge.

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Webitor Price

Development Updates

Webitor 2.0 Screenshots Released
We're at an exciting stage of development with the website editor 90% complete. Read on to see the first screenshots of Webitor Content Manager before the official release. Click here for the latest information »


Webitor Price

How much will Webitor cost?

We will have multiple options for reselling the software; from a percentage commission per site, a monthly fee or a one-off licence fee. We are also happy to discuss a custom arrangement to suit your business. More details will be announced soon, signup for email updates.

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